What is the synonym of shrinking?

shrinking(a) Synonyms: coy, shy, diffident, bashful, modest, retiring.Click to see answer. Subsequently, one may also ask, which word to shrink from in disgust? v pull away from a source of disgust or fear Synonyms: retract Type of: cringe, flinch, funk, quail, recoil, shrink, squinch, wince.Beside above, is shrinked a word? Use ‘shrank’ for the past (“I shrank your jeans”) and “shrunk” for the past participle (“I have shrunk your jeans”). Herman Melville used the word ‘shrinked’, but you should probably not follow his example. The short answer is shrank. In this regard, what is the of shrink in fear? To cower is to shrink in fear. You’re so terrified that your whole body cringes, crouches, and shrinks in on itself to hide from the source of your fear.What is a synonym for psychologist?nounperson who treats mental. clinician. disorders analyst. doctor. psychoanalyst.

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