Trevor Reed was born in the United States to Joe and Paula Reed. He has a sister named Taylor in the family. Since last year, his family has hoped to meet with US President Joe Biden, who has pledged to do everything possible to aid their child.

What is Trevor Reed accused of?

In a statement, the Reed family congratulated Biden, senior administration officials, and Bill Richardson, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, for traveling to Moscow in the hours before the Ukraine war out in the hopes of obtaining Reed’s release, according to the family.

He was ultimately sentenced to nine years in jail, despite his family’s claims of innocence and the US government’s description of him as having been wrongfully detained.

Reed was in the of 2019 on charges of “assaulting and endangering the of a officer here in Moscow” following a night of heavy drinking.

In 2020, he was sentenced to nine years in prison, which is close to the maximum of ten years he could have received.


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