Whatsapp is using QR codes to test sharing contacts into it’s messaging app.

This new feature has been tested and is currently available in the Beta version for both android and iOS after which it will be officially available for use.

The new feature can be found in apps’s settings menu, which includes the option to display your own QR code or to scan the QR codes of others.

The QR codes can be revoked if the user decided not to share their numbers with someone anymore.

AS we all know, the current way of accessing someone on whatsapp is to have their numbers stored on your phone before it can appear on your whatsapp contact list.

The QR code way will save you the stress of taking people’s contacts and saving them before accessing them on whatsapp. QR codes will allow whatsapp to capture contacts and save them automatically.

The names of the contacts will be saved based on the name used to register their whatsapp accounts.

The official release date for the use of QR codes are still not known.