reveals he will retire once his body tells him to do so, and that when he stops playing he would “like to resume my studies” and become an actor.

The striker will be 35 in February, and he states he knows when the time will come to hang up his boots.

“I have never had a bad season in my life, since I am always ready to face challenges,” said CR7 at the Dubai Sports Conference.


“I always play with the intention of winning. The moment my body no longer responds in the right way on the pitch, then it will be time for me to stop.

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“Many years ago the ideal age to retire was 30 or 32, now you still see players aged 40.”

Ronaldo then revealed that when he retires, he will return to studying.

“When I quit football I would like to resume my studies. I focus a lot on studying, on learning, because unfortunately the studies I have done can’t give answer all the questions I have in mind.

“One thing that fascinates me is to want to try acting in a film.”

Ronaldo’s contract with Juve expires in 2022, when he will be 37 years old.

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