When you succeed, help your family so that if you go down, they can also help you – Reno Omokri

Every family has this one person who’s rich and has all the money. So if there’s need for money for any project or program at all, everyone looks in the direction of this person to help financially.

This person settles fees, sponsors funerals, among other things.

Now what we realise is after a few years, this person who has been carrying all the financial burdens might go and everything comes crumpling down to the floor.

Nigerian author Reno Omokri is asking that why should this be so?

In a tweet, he advised that it’s important that once you succeed, you can help other family members too so that if you happen to go down, they can also come to your help.

In his words, Reno wrote:

“When you succeed, fine time to light your family’s fire, so that if your own fire goes out, they can also the favour and light your fire back. There’s a risk of darkness if you are the only light in the family.:

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Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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