Where Is Lauren Bruzzone Now?

is known to be a 71-year-old Granny from Connecticut in the United States who is known to be a retired Attorney and a college professor. Lauren Bruzzone has hit the internet after she was seen in a gym going through some calisthenic and fitness workout sessions. For a woman of her age, it is an unusual experience or occurrence for one to muscle up to such or fitness activity. Perhaps Lauren Bruzzone has some stored strength in her that she is leaning on at the moment.

have it that, before taking the stance to engage in fitness sessions at the gym, was known to have had some practice with Yoga and ballet most of her living when she was in her 60s. Lauren Bruzzone commenced her sessions with one Wesley James, responsible for taking her through some of the sessions.

 Where Is Now?

Lauren Bruzzone, a former lawyer, is known to reside in Connecticut in the United States.

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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