A white man has boldly declared that he is waiting for an order from Donald Trump to shoot Black protesters.

A white separatist has disclosed that he will boldly shoot Black protesters if president Donald Trump gives orders on Twitter.

He said in a video sighted by Celebrities Buzz that the president should clean up the street and have no protesters on it legally else the opposite will happen.

He angered many Blacks by attacking them verbally and voicing his willingness to harm them should the authorities give them the go-ahead.

Below are a few counter replies gathered on the video:

“Bought my first gun today from a black-owned gun store. Pew pew”

“Based on that furniture he probably married to his cousin. They really think we don’t have guns”

“Man he better stop playing before every white boy find his self in a sunken place 😂😂😂😂”

“If he ever dared to come to the hood with that bull he’s gonna find out that real life warfare is a bit different than playing call of duty”

“We don’t gotta wait for the tweet since you talking tough. Pop it off then. Let’s go.”

Protesters across Europe, especially within America, are getting some positive results in their fight for justice for the late George Floyd who was murdered by four cops.

All the cops involved have been charged pending prosecution.

Watch The Video Below:

Source: Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh