A white woman identified as Mrs Terry, is in pain and agony after falling victim to an internet scam on an e-dating website.

The man she fell for told her his name was Mr. Jeffery.

Mrs Terry who went to seek relationship counsel at the hands of popular American Talk Show Host, Dr Phil, burst into uncontrollable tears while professing her undying love for Mr. Jeffery who told her he was a California based businessman.

Tragedy was said to have struck when Mr Jeffery suddenly disappeared into the thin air after she pumped some huge amount of money into his bank account.

fraud victim
mrs jerry

She later discovered on Dr Phil’s show that Jeffery was a Nigerian based fraudster who operated from his base in Ekpoma, Edo state after his true location was exposed.

“if i met my scammer today i would like to say how could you be so cruel to hurt someone like me.

My family won’t talk to me, my bank won’t even let me in my bank, I am afraid i’m gonna get arrested.

Honestly i am so in love with my scammer, i miss him texting me and telling me that he loved me, and i was special to him”, she said

Watch the video below:


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