Who is the best dancer in Ghana

Who is the best dancer in Ghana?
Who is the best dancer in Ghana?

It’s very difficult answering a question such as who is the best dancer in Ghana?

This is because, we have a lot of good dancers in this lovely country.

As you might all know, Ghanaians love to a lot.

However, there are people who stand out in dancing, hence, we can say they are the ‘best’ in what they do.

We have dancers in Ghana, such as:

  • Dancegod Llyod
  • Incredible Zigi
  • Demzy Baye
  • Afro Beast
  • Real Cesh
  • Wonder Kid
  • Asa Khalifa
  • Dancelord Miracle
  • Yoofi Greene
  • Jumaar

Now, talking about the best dancers in Ghana, I’ll give it to two people — and those are Dancegod Lloyd and Incredible Zigi.

It is very difficult to choose just one of them as the best. This is because both of these two guys are unique in their own way.

But personally, I’ll say Dancegod Llyod is the best dancer in Ghana. Please, this is my own opinion.

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If you do not agree, you can also make your opinion known in the comment box below.

dancegod llyod and afrobeast
dancegod llyod and afrobeast

Now, why do I say Dancegod Llyod is the best dancer in Ghana?

This is because, Dancegod Lloyd real name Laud Anoo Konadu has achieved a lot. He’s the brand ambassador of a lot of companies. He has a successful music career. Although not too big as at now, some of his songs are street anthems, especially in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

He has a successful academy called, With Purpose (DWP) Academy. The academy has 4 branches— he has branches in Ho, USA, Accra, China and Kumasi.

Furthermore, has featured in Beyonce’s Already song featuring Shatta Wale and that was a huge achievement.

Aside from this, he is a personal tutor to a lot of Ghanaian celebrities. He also has a huge following across his social media platforms. As at the time of writing this, he has 1.4 followers on Instagram, 43.6K Followers on Twitter and 1,147,214+ followers on Facebook.

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Aside from this, Dancegod has even invented his own dances. One of such dances is called the ‘Shoo ‘.

All these make Dancegod Llyod the most followed Ghanaian dancer on social media.

If he’s not the best, do you think he will have such large amount of people following him?

Well, Incredible Zigi on the other hand is also doing very well. He has featured in music videos for top-rated musicians in and out of Ghana. He also has a academy where he’s tutoring a lot of upcoming musicians.

Furthermore, he has been nominated in the Best African Dancer category of the African Muzik Magazine Awards & Music Festival (AFRIMMA).

He’s a brand ambassador for Guinness and many other big brands. Incredible Zigi has worked with the likes of Mr Eazi, Eugy Official, D-Black, just to mention a few.

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Incredible Zigi
Incredible Zigi

He has made Ghana proud on a lot of international platforms.

As at the time of writing this article, Zigi has 800k followers on Instagram, 803,817+ followers on Facebook, and 14.1K+ Followers on Twitter.

You can see that he also has a huge fan base.

However, putting their achievements and influence head-to-head as dancers, Dancegod Llyod stands tall.

I am not in anyway disrespecting Incredible Zigi. As I said, this is my opinion. But what do you also think? Who do you think is the best dancer in Ghana? Let us know in the comment box below!

Please, you can also me a message on Instagram (@papagabless) to tell me what you think.

Please you can also follow these tutorials if you want to dance like Dancegod Llyod.

Watch below Dancegod Llyod VS Incredible Zigi dances:

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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