A concerned lady cannot bring herself to terms with the fact that uneducated ladies are lucky to find husbands while the educated ones find it a hell of a time settling down.

Her perception comes from the belief that most so-called educated ladies are the chunk of unhappy and single women out there while on the other hand, the so-called uneducated ladies are married and happy.

Tweeting with the handle @bluegirlolu, Unila Finest asked the question which has received quite an engagement with many citing the egos of these educated ladies as the main reason why they stay longer in their parents’ homes.

Why are uneducated ladies so lucky to get a husband faster than the educated ones? she asked

Some Of The Views She Received Are As Follows:

@eroticsensazion wrote: Uneducated ladies solely wants to build a home, they settle with anyone with potential regardless of their. Educated ladies, want a rich, classy, fluent man who respect and obey their every wish and command. They are ready for the concept of marriage and not the marriage itself.

@TinoNyabadza replied:I saw a post out there that once said something along the lines of “A man can live with and take care of an unemployed women for a lifetime no problem, but let a woman feed and unemployed man for a week and the whoole neighborhood shall hear of how useless of a man he is”

@OdoduPaul commented: Maybe coz educated ones take their time to analyze brfire doing into marriage but illustrates go into anything without thinking

There is this widespread perception that educated ladies are full of themselves or the men they marry are not at the level to manage them thus their marriages fall apart.

These perceptions may be fallacious or factual since no scientific data is available to prove or disprove it but as it stands now, a careful glance across society will give credence to this popular opinion.

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