Ghanaian rapper, singer and songwriter, Kwame Ametepee Tsikata with the stage name has asked a very important question as to why it is necessary restrictions on public gatherings be removed.

He made this post on his Twitter timeline to solicit the views of those who think lifting the ban on public gatherings is prudent or not.

M.anifest - #WeNoDeyHear on Twitter: "#TheReturnOfTheIGModel 💨💫… "

Last night, in President Akufo-Addo’s tenth address to the nation, he made known the easing of the restrictions as the government works gradually to restore life back to normal.

Churches, mosques together with schools have been allowed to open in phases with strict adherence to the safety protocols.

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However, the overall lifting of restrictions on public gatherings has seen some flexibilities as the number of people who can be present at private burials have been increased from 25 to 100 while restaurants are allowed to receive and attend to their customers at their premises on condition that there will be social distancing.

President Nana Akufo-Addo speaks on cancellation of December 17 ...
President Danquah

Many have questioned the government’s decision to ease these restrictions especially when the cases are in the thousands.

On the back of the foregoing, has begged the question: “Why are you in a hurry to have public gatherings?”

Read Some The Responses Below:

@DarylSherif wrote: The crooked system wants to get a safe greenlight to compile the voters register. smh I’m scared for my young brothers and sisters why are they being used? Why the students? Wish I woke up today in a different country. scoffs

@Yeboah commented: Ashok saf ibi senseless, DE church den DE mosque saf, prayers dey hia concentration buh see all dis measures den fear chale eno dey hia

@black_fiko replied: so that it looks like life has gone back to normal.. so we can now have the EC do the voters register…. apart from this reason it doesn’t make sense..

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