Dancehall musician, Stonebwoy, has a lot on his mind. He hence took to Twitter to ask for opinion from his followers.

His question is simple, he seeks to understand why fans have to vote for their favourite artistes in order for them to win awards.

He also asked that who benefits at the end? Is it the artistes or the organisers of the awards scheme?

“Q:-Why Do Fans Have to Pay To Vote On Top Of Data Already Paid For To Enable Their Favorite Artiste Win An Award and Also Pay To Attend The Awards? And Why Are Artistes Obliged To Use Their Own mileage To Campaign For the Awards On Top.
Who Actually Gains Organizers or artistes?”

Below is the answer we at Celebrities Buzz seek to give to these questions:

Fact is awards are organised at a cost. The space where the event takes place have to be rented. The awards plaques that artistes take home come at a cost. Artistes billed to perform must also be paid.

Money is spent on advertisement etc — all these are not free.

So the votes from fans on their favourite artistes is what they use to cater for part of the cost.

Now, someone might ask that what about the big companies who sponsor such award ceremonies?

Indeed, their money used to sponsor the awards ceremony can cover some of the costs but we don’t think it is all.

That’s why voting by fans is also another means by which they can generate funds to cover for the costs of productions.

Talking about who benefits most?

The artistes by far benefits even though their not given money after winning in a category. And the awards organisers also benefit even more than the artistes monetary-wise. Because they’re into business. And no one does business for the fun of it. There must be profit at the end.

Let me explain further on how artistes benefit. Awards actually speak volume for musicians.

Imagine how Stonebwoy himself is always proud to say he won ‘Raggae Dancehall Artistes of the Year for 5 consecutive time’?

He imagine how he beats his chest to say he’s a BET Award winner and a Grammy nominee?

So the awards kind of project your brand outside there. It gives you respect.

Hence even though not so needed, it matters to receive some accolades on top of your talent.

Even most of these artistes get to bag some ambassadorial deals because of awards that they win.

So it benefits them as well.