A beautiful lady wants to know the main reason why men fall quickly on the bed once they are pushed with a single finger.

Queen Cindy wants solution to a very important question bothering her mind. The Tweep asked of the main reason why men do fall on the bed so easily once they are pushed by girls using a single finger.

In her quest to get answers, she tweeted:

“Why do men fall on the bed when a girl pushes them with just one finger..”

A few intellectuals replied to her tweet as shared below:

  • “At that moment, a man is the most obedient creature on earth
  • To let the lady believe she have power and she is in control.
  • Because it’s romantic to them
  • when the spirit of fornication touches us. we the canal minded can’t resist the fall
  • Man when horny and sure they wil get some they like that even u slap him he can laugh but don’t try it after
  • At that moment, we’re weak, helpless and we can’t think straight other than eating the cookie #Thinklikeaman Face with tears of joy
  • Na this question we re trying to get answer to way back during Nkrumah’s regime but still………”

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'Why do men fall on the bed when a girl pushes them with just one finger' - Beautiful lady seeks for answers

Source: Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh