Ghanaian sports manager, Oloboi Commodore can not bring himself to understand why the government can give clearance for political primaries to be held but has put a halt on all footballing activities in the country.

Speaking in an interview on the Ultimate Sports Show on Asempa FM, the Accra Great Olympics manager said, the government through the Sports Minister, Issac Asiamah have failed Ghanaians on the prioritization of political events over football.

Gt. Olympics chief Oloboi Commodore claims GFA EXCO will be ...
Oloboi Commodore

With frustration and anger, Oloboi Commodore expressed disappointment in the government by saying:

“Personally, I have gone to the markets and the social distance and other protocols are not working, so football, which can be controlled, should have been the first to return, we can even play with a limited number of spectators,” he acknowledged.

“Politicians are not sincere with the people, why allow mass voters registration at this stage when we cannot play football because of COVID-19?” he asked.

“What is happening in Ghana is due to the insincerity of politicians. They are not helping us.

“The Sports Ministry is also weak; we have a weak Sports Ministry. They have done nothing (to help our cause). Today they will come and tell you that look at Y.E.A tomorrow the same story and it continues and continues.

“They have to be truthful to the people. You don’t want us to work (play football) but you are also not supporting anything.

“The Ministry is weak because Youth plays football, Youth is in Sports, what they know is they will send a contingent when the national team is travelling,” he said

He called for the presumption of local football using the NPP primaries that were held across the country over the weekend as the yardstick.

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“It is long overdue that the game will return, if you look at where problems are basically, they’ve been allowed to operate,” he fumed.



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