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Why Thomas Partey has Thomas and not Partey on his Arsenal jersey

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thomas partey

Thomas Partey has recently completed his 45Million pounds move to Arsenal FC and we’re all happy for him.

Just a few days ago, photos emerged on social media showing that he has now officially joined the club. This came after the club posted photos of him rocking the Arsenal jersey on their social media handles.

But fans made an observation about how his name was written on his jersey. A lot of people simply call him by his surname ‘Partey’ so they were a bit surprised to see ‘Thomas’ on the jersey instead.

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So there has been questions as to why that was done.

For those puzzled by that decision, Partey has an answer for you. He has disclosed that despite the popularity of the Partey, he prefers the Thomas because of consistency.

He disclosed to Arsenal media during his unveiling that at the early stages of his career Thomas is what he used and will stick to it.

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“I’ve seen that there are Parteys everywhere and even the photographer asked me why I don’t use Partey on my shirt. I said it’s because I started with Thomas and people are familiar with Thomas, so I need to go with Thomas,” (he disclosed).

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