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DJ Breezy has joined to cry about how artistes do not pay music producers the money they deserve.

In a tweet, he asked his followers to count the number of hit songs he produced from 2013-2021 yet, he has nothing to show for it.

“Shouldn’t man be living in the mansion life some? But well, we’re in a country where nothing works”, he wrote.


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DJ Breezy went on to say that his biggest songs are from , yet he got no substantial money for it. However, his biggest monies he made are from projects outside Ghana which are not even popular as the ones in did in the country.

“And my biggest PAID production ( not even a hit song ) never came from Ghana lol BUT my biggest productions came from Ghana”, he added.

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DJ Breezy was quick to add that he’s not in any way shading ’s Black Avenue Musik and that he’s just touching on general issues.

The award-winning musician also said that when people see him in town, they tell him that it’s being long since they heard his jams. He clarified that the reason is he doesn’t do free works any more.

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The music producer also shared photos of his expensive studio saying people get amazed that he spent so much to build the studio.

They wonder if he’ll be able to get returns on his investment in Ghana. But for him, he thinks beyond Ghana because he dreams big.

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