is not happy with Fellow Rapper after he responded to a tweet trying to discredit the genuineness of her 2019 Grammys win.

It all started when tweeted saying she never forgot how The Grammy awarded Born Iver over her in 2012 as the Best New Artist then and took it to a new level.

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Nicki Responds to Grammy Snubbing her

Few minutes after Nicki’s Tweet, Wiz Khalifa who has been nominated for Seven Grammy awards Also Tweeted to say he understood her feelings of being snubbed.

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The beef actually Sparked when a fan tweet to discredit ’s 2019 Grammy Award, questioning how she won a grammy award but hasn’t. He therefore thinks it’s a sign the award organizers knows nothing about music and this was exactly where The Rapper stepped on the Wrong side of the Wap Singer. “Most Self made Artist have this problem” Wiz Khalifa Responded to the controversial tweet.

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Khalifa Responded to a post discrediting ’s Grammy Award.

Khalifa’s Tweet to the understanding of many shows is not a self made woman while is. So Cardi Responded first with Screenshot of Dm Wiz Khalifa sent her back in 2016 telling her he admires how she does things.

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She isn’t done yet as she followed up with a tweet calling out Khalifa for pitting successful women against each other.

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It didn’t long for Wiz to start giving up on the beef, saying that he thought Cardi was self-made as well and even went ahead denying that he said otherwise after being trolled by fans for loosing the beef..

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