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Woman discovers that her best friend of 18 years sent her photos to juju for rituals

bad friend

How well do you know your friend? There are people you call best friend, yet, all they ever want for you is for you to go down.

You’ll eat, smile, cry with them. Yet, deep within, all they want for you is evil.

It doesn’t matter how long they have been your friend.

This is exactly the case of a woman whose video is going viral on Instagram. The lady who is yet to be identified has been friends with one Jennifer since 2003 — meaning they’ve been friends for 18 years now.

But to the surprise of this lady, her friend Jennifer sent her photo to a juju man for ritual purposes.

Her photos as seen in the video were folded and placed in a calabash.

Jennifer who knew her cup was now full just sat on the floor with her face down cast in shame having nothing to say.

This is sad.

Check out the video below:


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