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Twitter is always an avenue where people share their life stories to either get things off their chest or with the aim of motivating and educating others.

Well, a new trend has been created under the question: ‘The most petty reason you refused to date someone?’

The question received responses from multiple Twitter users.


One lady replied with a very odd reason, but it appears a lot of people resonate with her.

According to her, she was out eating with a guy, and she got choked on the food making her to cough. But surprisingly to her, the guy didn’t utter a word and that was why she decided never to date him.

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She wrote: ‘We were on a date and I think the food might have gone the wrong way because I start coughing. Bros didn’t even say “sorry”. Just kept quiet and stared. Then resumed talking when I was done coughing. I just knew a person like that would tell me cramps are no big deal.’

Others have responded, telling her it’s a valid reason to refuse to date a person.

See below.:

Woman reveals pettiest reason why she refused to date a man

Woman reveals pettiest reason why she refused to date a man

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