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Woman who charges her husband GHC50 for each round of sex tell her side of the story


Yesterday, we brought you news on the woman who charges her husband an amount of GHC50 for each round of sex.

The woman after reading the message of her husband has spoken up narrating her part of the story and why she does what she has been doing over the years.

According to her, her husband has been cheating on her during their courtship days.

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And that she caught him on several occasions.

So one day, her husband was ‘sleep talking’ about a certain Serwaa he slept with and paid her GHC50.

She confronted the man and he confessed that he indeed slept with the lady but apologized accordingly.

So it was at this point that she decided that in their sex-life inside their marital home, her husband must pay GHC50 before he’ll chop her.

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And the money he pays is being deposited in an ‘Educational fund’ account for their child.

So it isn’t that she’s a hoe who can’t repent from her old ways.

Read her full message below:


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