blast counsellor Charlotte Oduro for advising womem to pamper their husbands even when they are cheating.

The Controversial marriage counsellor made it known in during a recent interview that she will never in anyway walk away from her husband if he cheats with another lady instead she’ll ensure peace in the house by pampering him.

Reacting to her teachings via a Facebook post, an angry Lydia Forson insists this kind of marriage teachings only end women up on the wrong side and when the unfortunate happens the same preachers will still be asking why they didn’t leave the unhappy relationship.

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“You will now come and write OMG, why didn’t she leave when a woman is found dead. Meanwhile you’re in a group where they’re sharing this and having these conversations and you don’t say anything” she wrote

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Women are dying because you advised them to pamper their cheating husbands - Lydia Forson puts Charlotte Oduro on blast

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