A Twitter user @its_tobilola has proposed that women deserve menstrual leave.

Menstrual leave is a type of leave where a woman may have the option to take paid or unpaid leave from her employment if she is menstruating and is unable to go to work because of this. … Menstrual leave is controversial because it is seen by some as a criticism of women’s work efficiency or as sexism.

A lot of twitter folks especially the ladies agreed with him while others also said it’s of no use.


Countries that offer paid menstrual leave

• Indonesia
Two days per month.

• South Korea
Women must be paid out for unused menstruation leave.

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• Taiwan
Three days per month that are not counted against sick leave.

• Zambia
One day off per month.

Some countries offer unpaid menstrual leave or have other policies in place. For example, Japan requires employers to grant women days off for difficult menstruation but does not obligate them to pay workers for the absences.

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