Founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministry has sent his preaching to a whole new level in a latest video posted on his official Facebook page.

In the video, the prolific clergyman demonstrated on things that some married women do that collapse their marriages.

He talked on women who deny their husbands sex, according to him, denying your husband sex would only push him elsewhere to satisfy his needs and this will hence collapse your marriage.


Prophet Oduro also noted that some married women are found of wearing unsexy panties (grand-mother panties) which is not appetising. Where as, side-chics out there who’re ready to snatch anyone’s husband wear lingeries or do not even wear panties before they sleep. Hence, men (married-men) rather find them attractive to their wives.

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In conclusion, the Prophet noted that the fact that you’re spiritual or a Christian doesn’t mean you should be unromantic.

So as a wife, you must step-up your game to keep the marriage spicy.

Watch video below:

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