WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 winners

WWE also known as World Wrestling Entertainment is an American professional promotion sport that has grown into a multi-billion industry since its inception in 1953 when it was originally known as Capitol Wrestling Corporation. The is also involved in the production of video and action figures as well.

WWE Clash at the castle held on the 3rd of September 2022 was the ’s first major event held in the UK since its 1992 SummerSlam competition and Oh Boy, what a return that was! A return which saw the crowd entertained by some of the world’s finest athletes, A return which saw a cameo of appearance from two-time world heavyweight British boxer Tyson Fury. Let’s now have a look at the winners from the event as it was truly a night for champions


Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has over the years taken on the lead image of WWE and he again on this night made all the noise for the right reasons. This was a night with a formidable opponent as a challenger. An opponent in the person of Drew McIntyre and he is British which meant this was his turf and he was going to be no pushover even for Roman and what a hell of a fight! Big things always come down to the little details and here was no different. McIntyre was unfortunate as the referee was pulled out at a time he was so close to giving Reigns enough time to recover and then shocking McIntyre to retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

roman reigns clash 1

Seth Rollins

If it is one thing we have come to understand about Seth Rollins, it is his shrewdness. This guy has made a career out of outsmarting his opponents and do not get it wrong; he is a hell of a fighter! His match against Matt Riddle was no different as he simply took advantage of Riddle’s misplaced aggression.


 The Street Profits & Madcap moss

This was a joint tag team match as it involved Street Profits & Madcap moss on one side taking on Austin Theory & Alpha Academy on the other side. This was an opener to the night events and rightly so, this had some very intriguing moments.

street pro


Anyone going into the ring with Sheamus knows he is no child’s play and bringing one’s best to the table is a prerequisite if he so desires in toppling The Celtic King. Gunther understood the assignment and what a clash of two physical monsters with Sheamus eating the humble pie in this one!



Female wrestling offers something unique because it defies the odds. Shayna Baszler is a fighter in the heart and left it all out in the ring in what was a thrilling encounter between two deserving champions.


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