‘Yahoo is not a job or a hustle. You’re a thief. If you don’t stop, one day they’ll catch you too’ – Instablog9ja advises

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'Yahoo is not a job or a hustle. You're a thief. If you don't stop, one day they'll catch you too' - Instablog9ja advises

Nigerian-based blogger – Instablog9ja has advised all and sundry on the risk of claiming to be a fraudster otherwise known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’.

The Nigerian renowned blogger believes being a fraudster is just the same as being a thief. He explained that it isn’t hustling or a job but instead complete robbery.

He advised the new generation who seems to have much interest in it to desist from their evil ways before it becomes too late for them.

He tweeted:

“Yahoo is not a job. No be hustle. You’re a thief and if you don’t stop, one day, they’d catch you too.”

His good advice was considered as a hate speech by a section of the Nigerian youths. They attacked him verbally and cursed his father in a few comments on captured on the post.

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Others blamed the government saying “Yahoo Yahoo” has become the only source of income at the moment.

Read a few comments on his post as shared below:

“Nigeria government ruin the life of the youth… You graduated with first class and you are earning #100k monthly why won’t they be discouraged

Na ogun go kill your papa…

If dem no. Catch dem…. You fit come catch dem an. Mumu Man…. No be your fault na you Don get money na why

But if you need 2k urgently you fit call your niggas wey dey run am? Rolling on the floor laughing Bad belle

Most of these bloggers won’t have the same energy for politician who ruined the future of most hardworking Nigerians. A senator who mismanaged about N6bn spent 6 months in correctional home and has returned to the plenary as the chip whip.

Nobody is in support of fraud but most people here are supporting this tweet because the yahoo boys Dey oppress them with money and lifestyle even on their street Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy…you deserve better …join the train ..you self try hustle an”

See The Post Below:

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