Nigerian author and lawyer, Reno Omokri has shared his view on the ‘Say-No-To-Racism’ chant that is ongoing, which was triggered by the sudden killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, America.

He bemoaned the attitude of Africans to see their culture as evil but accept the practices of the West wholeheartedly on religious grounds and beliefs.

Reno Omokri

According to Reno, there is nothing evil about African masquerade or anything to do with African culture. He added that there are so many secrets hidden behind Santa Claus and the Christain belief about Christmas that is more evil than what anyone could think of.

He shared these ideas on his Twitter timeline by writing:

“Dear African, The reason you believe an African masquerade is evil, but Santa Claus is good, and think a White Wedding is holy, but your traditional wedding is just a formality, (both are traditional), is because you are racist against yourself!

You denigrate your own culture and celebrate Western culture disguised and Christian culture. Where in Scripture have you seen Santa Claus or White Wedding? Meanwhile, your African traditional wedding (exchange of gifts and drinks) is in Scripture

Africans just swallow what colonialists sold them as Christianity. Why is your African masquerade evil but Santa Claus is good? Where do you see Santa Claus in Scripture? Rearrange Santa. You get satan. Rearrange Claus. You get Lucas. @Google Lucas”

Screenshot of Tweet