rejects a Twitter followers plea for support because his profile shows he is a fan.

The Comedian released a conversation between one of his follower who is broke in serious need of financial support.

Sarkodie FanBoss please am ur biggest fun am totally broke today please help me with something small.

DKB replied – 😂😂😂 biggest weytin?

Sarkodie fan – I don’t know you personally but it touched my heart to ask you this please.

DKByour profile says Sarkodie, not DKB, so why should l support someone who doesn’t support me?

A screenshot of the follower’s profile shared by DKB truly indicates he is a fan of the Rapper.

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DKB went on with a tweet warning the app users who support other Celebrities openly in their profiles to stop asking other celebrities for financial support.

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You can’t support a celebrity openly and ask another for financial help - DKB tells a Sarkodie fan

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