You failed as a parent if your child Chooses Shatta Wale as a role model – Whitney Boakye drops bombshell

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Managing partner of Innovations/Events WBM, Whitney Boakye Mensah may have just confirmed her name in Shatta’s blacklist with some controversial claims.

In the view of Witney, a responsible parent’s child shouldn’t have a role model like and if he or she does, that becomes failure on the side of the parent.

She however insists it’s not a idea for children’s to have role models but dreaming to become completely like a certain celebrity is a bad idea.

“I see it as a sign of failure on your part of parent if your child chooses as his or her role model, it’s very ok to get inspired by the lives of celebrities like Shatta Wale or Stonebwoy but dreaming to be like them is impossible. We have only one Shatta Wale in terms of human nature and nobody and nobody can be Likened to him” she said

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Speaking about the recent brouhaha between the dancehall artist and self acclaim BHIM Godess, Ayisha Modi, Witney added that she would be happy if Ghanaians reacting to celebrity fights having the belief it’s because people follow the beef that’s why they get extra confidence to fight more.


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