charllote oduro

Controversial marriage counsellor, Charlotte Oduro has said that any woman who always complain to their mothers whenever there’s a marital problem have serious problems.

According to her, it’s not everything that requires external opinion from a mother. There are things that as a wife, you have to sit down and solve them with your husband instead of calling your mother at every least chance.

“Some of us young women, we allow our mothers to intrude in our marriage by complaining my husband has done this or that without thinking with your husband. Everything you go and tell your mother, everything you call your mother…please grow up. If you are a married woman and still call your mother at the least issue, there is a problem you need to solve”, controversial Marriage Counsellor Reverend Dr Mrs. Charlotte Oduro has observed in a broadcast monitored by

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Mrs Oduro further said that marriage is sweet and bitter sometimes. And if this variant times come, there’s a need to endure to solve the situation instead of whining about it.

“Marriage is not what some of you think about. There are so many things in marriage…sometimes it becomes boring, sometimes you are happy, sometimes things don’t work, sometimes you sit to make it work and it is work that needs to be done every day.  We need to work towards it because you don’t expect your marriage to be beautiful every day. The fight will come, troubles will come but don’t ever use this word I want to divorce because is not the answer to anything”, she advised

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