Feminism has become a 21st-century trending word that is on the lips of many women who want to be equal with men but do not accept equity.

A lady has reminded all feminists of the need for them to stay true to their dictates and beliefs and not shun from responsibilities associated with feminism.

Sanders, tweets with the handle @uchpinket3 stated the terms and conditions that come with being a feminist.

According to her, a true feminist is the one who is responsible and ever ready to split the bills with her partner, on the contrary, one becomes a failed feminist if she fails to pay half of the bills with his partner or none.

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“If u claim a feminist & still expect your partner to pay the bills,u’v failed as a feminist.Bills are meant to be divided equally as a http://feminist.Do not expect him to pay house rents & schools fees alone,if you re feminist. Women be loyal & submissive to your partners”, she tweeted.

Joseph Moses replied: Sad we don’t quite understand the difference between “responsibility” and “equality”. Paying bills is a responsibility by virtue of marriage, equality is simply asking that equal opportunities be accorded both men and women by virtue of existence. Is this hard to comprehend?

Descond commented: Equality should be applied in both “opportunities and responsibilities”. I love this.

Jamin wrote: You are damn right.