We are sometimes served with nice stories of couples who met through social media and were able to make a family together.

Although this may not work for all of us, many are convinced beyond reasonable considerations, to give it a try, especially men.


Many of these men are young and frisky and are not in search of a life partner but on the lookout for an unsuspecting lady that can satisfy their selfish sexual fantasies.

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That has prompted a lady on Twitter to bring to the fore the countless proposals she has received from men and why she believes these interests are not real.

Tweeting with the name Ewuraama, she concluded that men who express interest in women online do it simply for sex and nothing else.


According to her, a man needs to find out who a woman she is attracted to is and ensure that she is exactly what she sees online before any decision is made.

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Funnily, she added that what if this lady a man is professing love to is a witch?

Wait, so you saw my pics on Twitter and you’re proposing in my dm? What if i have a bad character, or I’m a witch. Smh This alone shows its the sex you want cuz you only saw my physical form and you’re “In love” Lmao.