Highly spiritual Music Boss, has responded to his former signee Yaw Berk’s apology on Hitz FM after all the damming allegations he labeled against him in the past.

According to the beat producer, he has fully forgiven Yaw Berk even before he went out tarnishing his image and career.

He also stated that there’s no way he is going to fall for the apology because it wouldn’t have come if the young musician is making waves with hit songs and making money.

Do you think if he was doing well, he will come to apologize?, he said he was successful and doing well and will look for the money, success doesn’t mean money but showing gratitude. Kaywa told Andy Dosty.

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Kaywa asked the public to respect his final decision of not wanting to work with Yaw Berk again despite his apology before sadly revealing how the likes of Kojo Antwi didn’t want to come to his studio again because of the bed bugs statement.

I’m not sure l will work with him again and l think that decision to be respected so we can move on from there. He added

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