Young lady commits suicide months after writing about her depression on Facebook


Depression is one of the world’s slowest killers which kills a lot of people within seconds because they had no one to listen to their pain and understand them.

Most of the suicide cases we hear of are all borne our of depression.

The funny thing about depression is that it makes you think you are too strong for it to override you but you realize you are dead long before realizing it.

This is the sad story of a Nigerian lady who shared a post on her Facebook timeline to suggest that death may be visiting her soon since she is unable to manage her depression.

Many who came into contact with her post thought she is just been poetic and took her assertions with a pinch of salt.

However, after months, the sad story has broken that Adeleke Rachel Tioluwani has reportedly committed suicide out of severe depression.

Her friends and acquaintances took to Facebook to mourn her and to sing tributes to her name. Sadly, she is dead and gone but she could have lived if someone gave her a listening ear and understood her plight.


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