Sharing a story of how a young man died upon visiting his girlfriend for sex, an anonymous person has written to relationship counselor Abena Magis Manokekame on how it all happened.

The deceased is said to have taken an overdose of aphrodisiac in order to last longer in bed but since he’s hypertensive, he suffered from a heart attack that led to his death.

Read full narration below:

“Auntie Abena I want to share a true story about dying whiles visiting that happened to my cousin, if not by God grace my she would have been in prison by now.

My cousin met this guy and they started dating. One day the guy visited my cousin in her house, so they were in the room and my cousin decided to go and wash down before they do the do.

She came back from the washroom to found out that, the guy is dead on the bed hmm. To cut it short , the police came in and she was arrested for commiting murder.

And post mortem was requested and it reveal that the guy was hypertensive and he took strong aphrodisiac leading to heart attack causing his death. Her savior was the result of the post mortem that save my cousin from going to prison.