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Your figures does not tally with EC or any other Station – Bridget Otoo blasts TV3 for not Apologizing to Ghanaians.

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Ex TV3 host, Bridget Otoo puts her former employers on blast after they issued a release without admitting their mistakes.

TV3 and Media General came under heavy criticisms for their wrong projections of the 2020 Parliamentary elections. The media house reacted to the claims with a statement released on Monday 14th November, However they failed to accept the blame and apologized to Ghanaians.

They instead defended their projections with claims that they projected the figures based on informations they received at that particular moment and this hasn’t gone well with their former employee who questioned why their numbers were different from any other media house and the Electoral Commission itself.

“Sometimes we make things difficult for ourselves, you have a presenter on Television saying that we know for sure, we have data from 275 constituencies. This two statements were no statements of facts. They where lies, pure and simple” she told TV3

Watch the video below


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