“Your girlfriend is your future so it’s better to care more for her than your mother” Big Boy tells men


A Dubai-based Ghanaian Big boy, Gucci Derkyi has told fellow to reason up and care for their serious girlfriend’s more than their mothers.

The reason backing his opinion is that our serious girlfriends are our and not our old mothers who are set to die anytime soon.

Making the comment in Inna Real Life Facebook group, he wrote: “Your is 76 years and you care of her more than your serious girlfriend ( 23 years )….let’s support them cos they are our future …. #wisdom”


His opinion has sparked alot of negative responses from fellow group members.

One lady prayed that “I hope you will be happy one day your kids will their girlfriend more than you”.

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Another person added: “Masa Stop The Misleading, Your Deserve A Well Treatment Than So Called “Serious Girlfriend” After Sucking The Milk You Needed To Share With Mom She Can Leave Anytime .. 3h) Na Wo De Wo Gyimii B3 Inform Mum. You Can Only Minimize The Caring For Your Mum When You Get Married.”

One Padmore Osei however agreed with Derkyi, he wrote: “You people are here insulting him…let’s be real here….if u buy ur mom car without buying ur wife or ur fiance car…0 are the same ladies going to say my mom is a witch…Hippocrates hate truth..over 70yrs ..can ur mom drive..let’s be honest..I this guy becus he talks and only the wise will understand”

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Read more reactions below:

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What do you think about Derkyi’s comments. Do you agree with him or not? Let us known in the comment section below!!!

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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  1. When he is married with a child and a wife, looking at his wife he will see what his mum did for him at the age of his child. Picture this… Which of the two can carry a bucket of water and walk a distance of 100m in 10mins… A 76 year old or a 26 year old. Its high time we – Ghana, desist from passing comment full of juvinal intelligence just for attention.

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