Last year, stated that it will shut down google play library in favor of YouTube music.

The company has then been working hard on YouTube music in order to make transitions easier.

Earlier this year, announced a feature that will enable play library users to upload their entire music library to YouTube music.


However, it is now possible to transfer your entire music library to YouTube music.

The process involved in transferring is very easy.

  1. Install YouTube music on your iOS or Android
  2. You will see a button to transfer all your  uploads, playlists, added songs and albums, likes, dislikes, and taste preferences over to the new service
  3. YouTube music’s recommendations will update with the new information right away and will then notify you through email once the library has been successfully transferred.
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Watch the video guide below:

The good thing about YouTube music is that, it allows a playlist of 5,000 songs. It also gives the user to upload up to 100,000 songs which is higher than play music.

YouTube music also allows offline mode where by users can play and watch lyrics offline.



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