Your hands are stained with the blood of the dead and injuries – Mannaseh Azure blast Nana Addo

Good morning, Mr. President,

You cannot be calling yourself the Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces in a democratic Ghana while the barbarity and stupidity happen every day.

Your hands are stained with the blood of the dead and the because of your refusal to act and them.

If the soldiers who killed in Techiman South had been punished, those who opened fire in Ejura would have thought twice before pulling the trigger.

If the senior military officer who led in the assault of Caleb Kudah hadn't been “elevated” to a Commanding Officer of 64 Infantry Regiment, those soldiers who went on a rampage in Wa would have thought twice before unleashing brutality on unarmed, non-violent citizens going about their normal duties.

Ghanaians are already angry about the economic hardship and the daily mess they are subjected to due to the decades of mismanagement.

Don't keep pouring fuel into the fire by allowing the military, so-called national security operatives and party hoodlums clothed with the of the state to continue to abuse the citizens you swore to protect.

Nothing endangers the security of the nation more than this. We're threatened by terrorism, and if the citizens see the security forces who are supposed to protect them as enemies, we cannot win that war.
So act. And stop the mindless killings and brutalities.


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