So yesterday Tuesday, some angry Menzgold customers hit the streets to protest over their monies which have been locked after the entity was ordered to stop its operations.

After their demonstration, Menzgold CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah came out to express his disappointment in what those customers did.

He said that instead of Menzgold customers to exercise patience, they have rather taken to the streets to tarnish his image which he’s not happy about.

Because he’s also doing everything in his power to get Menzgold back on track.

He wrote: “Instead of us being resolute, you’ve fallen for the misconceptions and further denigration of my name & the brand. We shall do the needful now. God knows we defended our collective cause.#Posterity #Hail! Menzgold Global🌎”

Soon after his comments renowned music Producer, Da Hammer, also came to reply him accordingly.

Da Hammer

In his submission, Da Hammer said he knows NAM 1 wanted to share wealth with his fellow Ghanaians.

HOwever, NAM1 should also know that he made mistakes that triggered Menzgold’s feud with regulators such as Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), thus, resulting to all these misfortunes.

Hammer further went on to say that he believes NAM 1 has still earned his respect as one of the greatest minds of our generation.

And that he hopes Nana Appiah Mensah would come out of this clean.

“I knw u genuinely wntd to make & share e wealth wi ur fellow Ghanaians bt u must admit dat u made mistakes dat triggered dis feud wi regulators resulting in ur misfortuns. Regardless u stil earnd my rspct as One of e greatst minds of our time I hope u able to cme out of dis clean”, Hammer’s tweet reads.

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