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You’re lucky he didn’t make you a baby mama – Ibrah One subtly shades Fella Makafui


Ibrah One has put a spin on Fella Makafui and Medikal’s break-up.

In an Instagram story post, the young Millionaire said Fella Makafui should be grateful that Medikal didn’t impregnate her before dumping her.

He noted that the stress baby mamas go through in raising children left on them is not easy. So Fella should thank her stars she didn’t fall into that soup.

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He wrote:

“You should be grateful. Because you’re lucky they left you in peace without making you a baby mama.

Go and ask your mates on how they’re suffering just to get food for the babies left on them.

Just go start a new one because relationship today is like picking a Taxi 🚖. You drop from one and start with another the same day.

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Meanwhile, Medikal has also confirmed the breakup rumours.



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