Yvonne Nelson angrily replies a fan who told her to marry because she’s getting old

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yvonne nelson

34-year-old Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has been told by a fan to get married because age is no longer her friend.

Yvonne Nelson won’t you marry? You are getting old. Is this how being famoung bring‘, the fan wrote.

The mother of one after sighting the comment on her Instagram page decided to school this follower of hers who have refused to mind his business.

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Yvonne in her rebuttal told the fan that marriage isn’t an achievement that she’ll strive to attain. She further said that her life belongs to her and she can’t be instructed on how to live it.

She wrote: “marriage like i always say isn’t an achievement for me. Real love, kids, an education and happiness are! You cant tell me how to live my life. The SOCIETY you wanna please so much will kill you oneday. No one cares about you anyways. I’ll LIVE the way i want it. I can do the so called marriage when it feels RIGHT TO ME.”

yvonne nelson

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