Today being Father’s Day, Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy Jamie Roberts took to his Instagram handle to post pictures of himself and children with some words.

He wrote:

The hardest job in the world is that of a Mother’s. Way back in second comes the father.

Let me say a massive thank you to my own father for being the hardest working person I’ve met in my life, always providing support for your kids, your kids kids and I’m sure when the time comes.. your kids kids kids 😂 and to ALL the fathers out there trying to be the best fathers possible, regardless of any circumstances. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Children are the one true blessing in this world. “

Soon after his post, one nosy follower commented that why is it that Yvonne Nelson didn’t wish him a Happy Father’s Day?

In reply, Jamie Roberts savagely replied that he’s not Yvonne Nelson’s father for her to wish him on “Father’s Day”.

Below is screenshot of their banter:

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