momo robbers

In an event that took place in Nungua Coco Beach, two suspected robbers were attacked today for snatching a Mobile Money Vendor’s bag.

This particular criminal activity has been on the rise in recent times in the area.

According to one Eric Asare who conveyed the report to UTV, it’s said that the mobile money vendor was going to work this morning when the two men crossed him and snatched the bag containing money from him.


After the bag was snatched, he started screaming ‘thief thief thief’ so this drew the attention of a taxi driver who used his car to hit the two thieves who were escaping on a motorbike.

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One of the thieves got a fracture in his legs — thus making him unable to walk.

If not for the intervention of some people around, they would have lynched the two robbers to death.

Watch the video below:

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