Actress has thrown her weight behind the LGBT community.

In a lengthy Instagram comment, she blasted all those attacking and judging the LGBT community.

Read below:


“@julietibrahim shallow minds!!! If you all ranting gibberish have traveled beyond your houses in you’ll understand that all over the world Gays are living freely and under the Law , basic human right is granted them.

So, when your so-called politicians and family members travel to work and live abroad guess what? They’re working and having gays as friends or even their employers! Before your family member send you some chicken change guess who pays them?

GAYS! You’re all bunch of uneducated people ranting against them because these people have done NOTHING WRONG! Who are u to judge humans?

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You’re busy quoting the Bible etc but did u read the part of the Bible that speaks against judging others?

You cowards and hypocrites will celebrate murderers, rapists, bad politicians, fake pastors, polygamist and many more but hate on someone because of their sexuality?!

You all are sinners! So deal with it! Focus on taking yourselves out of poverty first instead of fighting basic human rights!

If these people from #LGBT community hasn’t harassed anyone or raped anyone why the hell are you all planning to rape them and attack them?

Are you any better than a monster and the devil himself? Bunch of sinners calling others sinners! Kwasiasem”

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