Yahoo boys stop, you can’t be defrauding people everyday – Pastor David Ibiyeomie, lay curses on Yahoo boys.

A Nigerian has issued a strong warning to Yahoo boys/Sakawa boys (internet scammers) to stop scamming or cheating people.

According to the preacher, these Yahoo boys take people’s life savings/ and their victims die as a result of their frustrations.

The father of God cursed Yahoo guys for cheating to the point of losing everything.

According to him, he said ” And let me tell all these yahoo boys, Stop! You can’t be defrauding every day.Stop! Listen I’m a man of God, Stop! You kill people every day. When you ‘yahoo’ people somebody is stealing. Don’t quote it anyhow it’s stealing. Most people all their retirement benefits you take it from them and they die.I curse it in the name of Jesus.”

the video below


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