One of the most revered head of state, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda is not impressed by the way African leaders take pleasure in travelling abroad upon invitation by “super powers” to discuss problems of the continent.

According to him, the mere fact that, these same leaders are willing to sit down with foreigners but refuse to work together with each other in resolving these problems does not make any sense.

President Kagame added that, such behavior from the African leadership is an indication that they do not intend to even solve the problems of the continent. “In fact the image it gives is that, we are not there to even address these problems; we are there for the photo opportunities” he said.

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Hinting of the usually persecution of African leaders who have dissenting views by certain powers, Kagame stated that, he hope to be an ex-president one day so he can be more free to say things without any fear. Watch the video below.


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