pope skinny and ama broni

Rapper has come to the defence of late Slay Queen Ama Broni who died after going naked on stage at a carnival for a dance competition. Where the winner takes home $100.

As it stands, the main cause of her death can’t be established. Some eyewitnesses have said she died after she got fingered and fondled by her male patrons and while trying to run away from them, she fell off-stage and died in the process.

Another set of eye-witnesses have also said she died due to electrocution from the cables on the grounds.

Whatever way she might have died, social media users won’t let her soul rest in peace as many have lambasted her over her stupidity of going naked to dance just because of $100.

She had twin babies who were at home. So many netizens said it is so irresponsible on her side to leave those kids all to themselves only for her to chase after ‘coins’.

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Well, rapper Pope Skinny in putting a spin to the issue has also pointed out that Ama Broni does not deserve the public crucifixion.

He stated that the young lady was only trying to make ends meet. And there’s a popular saying that ‘we must make money or die trying’. So to him, Ama Broni needs to be celebrated for her attempt to make money instead of how we’re all roasting her with bitter words.

Watch the video below as Pope Skinny also shares his opinion:

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