amerado walks out
Amerado walks out on live radio after the presenter compared him to Sarkodie

has straightened a Kingdom Plus 101.9 radio presenter who tried to compare him to during an interview.

In the video, the radio presenter asked to clear the air on rumours that he copies Sarkodie.

‘People say you copy Sarkodie, what do you have to say about that?’, the presenter asked.


This question pissed off who said that he doesn’t feel okay when anytime he or any other young rapper goes on an interview, they try to compare them to the Sarkcess Music CEO.

He said that he’s there to promote himself and his song so he expects questions in that line.

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It’s about time when young artiste go on interview, they don’t get compared to Sarkodie. All the time you people mention Sarkodie. Why?… I am getting very pissed because it’s about time when young artiste go on interview, they don’t get compared to “, he said fearlessly.

“It’s about time we don’t bring Sarkodie’s name into an interview which is not relevant because when he comes here right now, we wouldn’t talk about Amerado. I am here to push my song and let’s just do that. is a legend and he’s in his lane so let’s just continue with the interview. When you compare us to him, we feel as if we are doing nothing’, he added.

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Although expressed his concerns that he doesn’t want to talk about Sarkodie, the presenter still continued asking him questions concerning the rapper.

This got pissed off and he left the live interview.

Watch the video below:

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