Ghanaian Charismatic Pioneer, the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel, Nicholas Duncan-Williams has revealed the first Man of God who first gave an accurate prophecy on Coronavirus far back in 1986.

According to him nobody believed David Livingstone’s prophecy far back four decades ago.

David Livingstone
Archbishop Duncan-Williams reveals the Man of God who first gave an accurate Prophecy on Coronavirus far back in 1986

However, what God showed to him has started manifesting in recent time.

“You know, a lot of people predicted this present crisis the world is going through and so many people did not believe him”, the Ghanaian preacher said during his Sunday online sermon watched by several thousands of followers on his Facebook page.

“A lot of people and leaders, who could have done something, did not believe that it will happen”, the founder of Action Chapel International said, adding: “And it is happening”.

“I was looking at a prophecy where a man of God in 1986, he prophesied, word for word, about what’s going on right now in the world, and nobody, David Livingstone, nobody believed him. They said: ‘It cannot happen; what is he talking about?’ He’s dead and gone but it’s come to pass”, he said.

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