A reality television program called Married at First Sight (MAFS) marries couples who have never met before at the start of the experiment. The program seeks to investigate whether scientific matchmaking can find true love and compatibility.

After being married, the newlyweds move in together and begin living together. Over the course of MAFS’ fifteen full seasons, 59 couples have been paired.

43 of them (or 73% of them) chose to stay married on Decision Day. Of those, more than two-thirds have since gotten a divorce, filed for one, or made it known that they were divorcing. By February 2023, there were only 12 married couples, which represented a 20% overall success rate.

In the US, FYI was the channel where the series debuted. The series showcased a total of three to five couples throughout its run.

Are Kirsten and Shaquille From MAFS Still Together?

However, during the season, one of the initially paired couples, Kirsten and Shaquille, unexpectedly decided to end their relationship. They attributed their incompatibility to various factors. He expressed disappointment that their time together was cut short, specifically mentioning March 8, 2023, as a significant date.

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